LAQV ́s mission is to cooperate in a continuous, competent and efficient way to achieve a Sustainable development by promoting new technologies that aim to reduce or even eliminate undesirable substances in the design, production and uses of Chemicals.

• Novel Compounds from Renewable Sources

• Food Quality and Safety

• Analytical Control and Process Automation

• Clean (Bio)Chemical Processes

• Functional Molecules and Materials for Sustainability

• Bio(Chemical) Process Engineering - Fermentation/reaction, separation/purification, synthesis/processing, water/wastewater treatment and systems biology/metabolic modelling.

• Catalysis & Functional and Smart Materials – Coordination and materials chemistry, nanochemistry and nanotechnology. Eco‐sustainable catalytic systems. Functional and smart materials.

• Environmental Chemistry and Health - Waste management, environmental control and (bio)remediation, food safety and public health.

• Organic Chemistry - Experimental and computational organic chemistry at the interface of chemistry and biology.

• Photochemistry: From Information And Energy Conversion To Safeguarding Cultural Heritage - Colour in Nature and in Art. Conservation of cultural heritage and solar energy conversion. Chromogenic materials.

• Natural Products - Phytochemistry, pharmacognosy, pharmacology and microbiology.

• Food Science - Chemical, molecular biology and chemometric methods for food authentication, security and safety.

• Analytical Chemistry - Automation and miniaturization as tools to implement green chemistry strategies in analytical chemistry.

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