CIUHCT aims at unveiling the importance of the history of science, technology and medicine in the construction of European citizenship and identity, particularly by focusing on Portuguese case-studies and by bringing them to the international scene.

• Experts, Institutions and Globalization – EIG – addresses the role of experts and institutions in contemporary world, through an historical narrative that focus on the co-production of techno-scientific knowledge, its forms of circulation/appropriation and its interaction with political agendas.

• Instruments and Practices, Visual and Material Cultures – IPVMC – addresses how scientific and technical practices interact with material culture, by looking at a set of objects, institutions and sites of knowledge.

Special attention is given to the effects of geographical and geo-political contingency.

• Applied Surface Science

• Atomic and Molecular Interactions

• Functional Molecular Systems

• Solar Pumped Laser

• Applied Cold Plasmas

• Vacuum technology and metrology

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