Research and Innovation Accelerator (RIA)

Juliana Monteiro - Coordinator & Funding Adviser

Juliana Monteiro holds a Master's degree in Environmental Engineering (UA), currently she is coordinating at Research and Innovation Accelerator (RIA) of FCT NOVA. She has 5 years of experience in supporting national and international R&I projects, both in the strategic area of proposals preparation and also in legal and financial matters, and her experience is consolidated by her experience as a National Contact Point (NCP) during the 7ºFP and H2020 in the area of "Climate Action, Environment, Efficiency of Resources and Raw Materials," Marie Curie Actions ". In the RIA, she also performs functions of identifying and disseminating competitive financing opportunities and specialized support in the preparation of applications for projects R&I, at institutional and individual level. Strategic support in the valorization of FCT NOVA's knowledge, through applications for R&I projects, negotiation and contractualization of projects.

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Marta Cerejo - Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Officer

Marta is the Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Officer, supporting and FCT NOVA scientific community in the valorization of knowledge and technology, acting at the interface between Industry and Academy, both in terms of Industrial Property protection and Technology Transfer. With a Biology background, Marta holds an MSc in Marine Coastal Sciences (UA) and a PhD in Bioengineering Systems from the MIT-PT PhD Program (NOVA). Previously she has been a researcher with a 12-year career dedicated to applied research in marine and health sciences and biotech, developed at national and international institutions, from the academy, public and private sectors. Taking advantage of her scientific knowledge, industry insights and training in Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer (INPI, EPO, IPR Helpdesk), Marta mediates the interface Academy-Industry.

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Mónica Manteigas - Funding Adviser

Mónica Manteigas holds a B.Sc in Business Management, with profesisonal experience in the financial area, both in the public and private sectors. Previously, Monica has worked at private institutions in organisational management. More recently she has worked at the Project Support Office of IHMT - Instituto de Higiene e Medicina Tropical, in the preparation and elaboration of scientific projects proposals to national and international funding agencies, being responsible also for financial reports and for monitoring of financial & technical audits.

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Margarida Melo - Executive Assitant

Margarida is the Executive Assistant at Research and Innovation Accelerator (RIA), she is responsible for administrative activities supporting the scientific community of NOVA.

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